Tours in Lebanon for Groups

We maximize your experience with the best vacation tours in lebanon, so let’s plan the trip of your dreams”

Relax on a private AC vehicle, get full attention from your professional tour guide that plans everything for you and create a lifetime experience in Lebanon! We offer a variety of tours that will excite your senses, give you an insider lens into Lebanese culture, and make you fall in love with our country all over again.

baalbek anjar ksara

Baalbek, Anjar, Ksara Winery Private Tour

Embark yourself in one of the most popular tours, covering three stops in the Beqaa valley. Discover the Roman temples of Baalbek city, the unique Lebanese Umayyad site in Anjar city, and taste authentic Lebanese wine at the oldest winery in Lebanon, Chateau Ksara.”


Beirut Panoramic private Tour

Set off on an unforgettable private half day tour that takes you to the highlights of Beirut city, Capital of Lebanon. Get the most of your time, and don’t worry as we have carefully chosen the stops on this tour to give you a real insight into the city!”

beiteddine deir el qamar

Beiteddine, Deir el Qamar & Moussa Castle Private tour

Embark on a sightseeing private day tour to the Chouf mountain and explore the highlights of this region. Get an insider’s look on Beiteddine Palace, Moussa Castle and Deir El Qamar village. Admire the scenic views and discover what is untold!”


pigeon rock beirut

Beiteddine and Deir el qamar & Sidon private Tour

Discover Lebanon’s scenic Chouf mountain’s villages on this private full-day trip from Beirut, then explore the Phoenician city of Sidon in the south. Admire the beauty of Deir el Qamar village and Beiteddine palace, then soak in the history of Sidon that has many attractions to offer for its visitors!

beiteddine deir el qamar

Beiteddine, Deir el Qamar and Chouf Cedars Private Tour (change photo)

Escape the bustling cities and enjoy the calm atmosphere and the scenic views of the Chouf mountain. Visit Beiteddine and Deir el Qamar, two authentic Lebanese villages with so much to offer, and admire the beauty of the Cedar trees of Lebanon!



jeita grotto tour

Jeita Grotto & Harissa Half Day Private Tour

For people with limited time, benefit from this half day private tour to two of the most famous sites in Lebanon. Be amazed by the beauty of Jeita Grotto, visit Our Lady of Lebanon in Harissa and experience the cable car ride. Make your every trip special!

baalbek ruins

Jeita Grotto, Baalbek & Chateau Ksara winery Private Tour

Fill your heart with memories by booking this private full day trip that uncover the two must see sites in Lebanon: the wonderful Grotto of Jeita, and Baalbek Roman city. On your way back, enjoy the taste of the Lebanese authentic wine at Chateau Ksara winery.

port of byblos

Jeita Grotto, Byblos & Ixsir winery Private Tour

Enhance your travel expectations and book a private day tour to two interesting sites: Jeita Grotto that was nominated to be one of the 7 wonders of the world, and Byblos, a city full of history and culture. Then at enjoy the Lebanese wine taste at Ixsir winery.

jeita grotto tour

Jeita Grotto, Harissa & Baatara waterfall Private Tour

Experience the beauty of the Lebanese nature, and discover the wonderful creation of the mother nature in Baatara waterfall and Jeita Grotto. Enjoy a cable car ride at Harissa overlooking Jounieh Bay. Your private trip guarantees dozens of life-lasting memories!”

pigeon rock beirut

Jeita Grotto, Harissa & Byblos Private Tour

Experience outstanding Lebanese highlights and a remarkable adventure on a private basis. Explore the wonderful Jeita Grotto, enjoy the cable car at Harissa and learn about the history of Byblos. Book with us and here you go!

jeita grotto

Jeita Grotto, Harissa & Saint Charbel Private Tour

Nourish your spirit and soul by booking this private day trip to two important religious sites: Our Lady of Lebanon in Harissa, and Saint Charbel in Annaya. Combine it by the visit of the amazing Jeita Grotto. Book your trip now!

baalbek anjar ksara

Maaser Al Shouf Cedars, Baalbek & Chateau Ksara winery Private Tour (fix link)

Learn about Lebanon’s nature, history and wine on the same full day tour from Beirut with a personalized private service. Marvel the beauty and majesty of the Lebanese Cedar trees considered the symbol of Lebanon, be awed by the huge Roman temples of Baalbek city, and enjoy a Lebanese wine tasting experience!”


Mleeta war Museum

Mleeta & Beaufort Castle Private Tour

Get off the beaten path and book this private tour to the South of Lebanon, visiting unusual sites: Mleeta landmark and museum for the Lebanese resistance, and Beaufort Castle, an old crusader fortress. We have the best choice for everyone!



lebanon wine tasting tour

Private Group Wine Tour

Quench your thirst when in Lebanon, and indulge yourself in the Lebanese wine industry on this private full day wine trip to the Beqaa valley. Explore, taste, and tour the vineyards and caves of three different Lebanese wineries!

qadisha valley bcharre cedars

Qadisha valley, Bcharre & Cedars of God Private Tour - fix link

Spend a memorable time enjoying breathtaking landscapes and interesting spots in North Lebanon, including the Qadisha valley, Bcharre town and the Cedars of God nature reserve. There is so much to discover on this tour, book now and enjoy your day!

qadisha cedars baalbek

Qadisha Valley, Cedars of God & Baalbek Private Tour

Uncover some special and must visit spots in Lebanon by booking this private tour that combine the visit of the Qadisha Valley, the Cedars of God nature reserve and Baalbek Roman temples. It’s all about the beautiful moments!

sidon tyre maghdouche

Sidon, Tyre and Maghdouche Private Tour

Experience the most extensive private tour of Southern Lebanon’s history and culture when you journey on our private tour to the beautiful cities of Sidon and Tyre. Stop at Our lady of Awaiting in Maghdouche on the way back. Have a nice trip!

tripoli batroun

Tripoli Private Tour

Being the second largest city in Lebanon, Tripoli is well blessed with historical and cultural riches. Explore the city’s attractions, as well as the port of the city, “Al Mina”. Take your Lebanon experience to the next levels and be richer in memories!

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